Insect Repellent Insect RepellentInsect-repellent Treatment that Does Not Irritate the Skin

WithRelief® WithRelief™

Material Category
Insect-repellent textile
Usage Applications
Work and school wear
About the product
WithRelief™ is a highly safe insect-repellent functional textile that utilizes Toray's nanotechnology. It is a highly safe functional material with good wash durability that can be used by both children and adults.
Recommended points
The non-irritating insect repellent functionality is suitable for a wide range of adult and children's wear.
· Insect repellent · Not irritating to the skin · Good wash durability


WithRelief™ is a highly safe insect-repellent textile that utilizes Toray's nanotechnology.
The rise in minimum winter temperatures and maximum summer temperatures due to the effects of global warming in recent years is said to be linked to the expansion of distribution and increase in numbers of insects. The interest in and need for insect repellents is increasing by year not only in Japan, but also in tropical/subtropical regions such as Southeast Asia and Africa. Toray developed WithRelief™ to handle these environments, and as a highly safe and durable functional textile backed by Toray’s technology, will extend it to multiple applications.

Utilizing Toray technology
Three-dimensional formation of a multi-layered coating using micro-fabrication technology
Consideration given to skin irritation
A wide range of products for children and adults
Multiple applications
Clothing for outdoor workers, outdoor sports, and school uniforms
/children’s clothing, as well as curtains and bedding
High durability 
Maintains durability for over 50 washes

■ The technology of WithRelief™;/Micro-fabrication technology cultivated through nanoscale processing

The insect repellent functionality is controlled by applying coatings with different affinities to the functional agent./A three-dimensional, multi-layered film with insect repellent properties is formed on the surface of the fiber

■ Midge repelling performance of WithRelief™;

3.5 times more repellent than untreated fabric