Antiviral AntiviralAntiviral textile with exceptional wash durability and comfort

makspec_v® MAKSPEC™V

*This product is not available for sale in Europe.

Material Category
Antiviral textile
Usage Applications
Uniforms (customer service, medical, work and school uniforms), sportswear, casual apparel, fashionwear, and children’s clothing

*This product is not available for sale in Europe.

About the product
Polyester fabric made with Toray's proprietary fiber-processing technology, combining robustness from antiviral treatment with a soft, comfortable feel. Effective against enveloped viruses with outer lipid membranes. The antiviral properties of MAKSPEC™V reduce viral count by destroying the envelopes of viruses on the material.
Recommended points
• Reduces specific viruses on fibers. • High wash durability. • Delivers groundbreaking softness and fastness after treatment. Also suitable for dark colors. • SEK Mark (antiviral) certification acquired
(1) High antiviral performance*1 (antiviral activity value at or exceeding 3.0)
Reduces virus by 99.9% after two hours
(2) Excellent wash durability
Effective after 50 industrial washing cycles
(3) Soft feel and high color fastness
• Antiviral treatment is not intended to treat or prevent disease.
• Antiviral test methodology and viral strain: Tested with ATCC VR-1679 envelope strain and left at 25°C for two hours.
• Antiviral treatment is not intended to inhibit the action of viruses.

Unsuitable Applications
1. Masks or other items close to mouths and nostrils
2. Items for children of 24 months or younger


Excellent wash durability

Conventional treatment
(comparison product)


SEK Mark (antiviral treatment) certification acquired

• Test method: JIS L1922 "Determination of antiviral activity of textile products"
• Tested virus: ATCC VR-1679 envelope strain
• Infection measurement technique: Plaque assay
• Standard fabric (cotton) used for untreated product
• Y-axis shows common logarithm average
Material used: 100% polyester